New York. The city that never sleeps. They say if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. It’s a dreamt place for millions of people, who fantasize about eating breakfast near to the Tiffany’s. In this case, I’m not the exception. Chances are, it’s also one of your life goals.

You already can see yourself in the middle of this pure definition of the American Dream. You gonna grab yellow taxi cab, open the window and stick your head out to feel New York vibes on your skin while driving ahead. You want this time to be perfect.

Someday, imagination says, you’ll wake up in one of those stylish townhouses, ready for the adventure. You’ll put your shoes on, grab a wallet, smartphone, keys, check yourself in the mirror, think “looks pretty good” and run down the stairs. Go around the corner, stand at the edge of the sidewalk and lift hand as high as possible. Few occupied and off-duty cabs will pass by and eventually, you’ll see this one available coming through. As soon as car pull over, you open the door with this big smile on your face.

In your mind, finally, there you are. Jumping into this yellow car just like some movie star. But at the very moment, when you just start humming “Empire State Of Mind”, driver interrupts and asks: “So where are we going?”. Unfortunately, the only answer you have is: “I don’t know”.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Opening Scene

You’ve heard that New York is amazing, just like life. Well, the problem is, you don’t know what this “amazing thing” means to you. Actually, you don’t know what you want and where you wanna go.

You could lie on a perfect, green grass in the middle of Central Park with a favorite book in hand and go find out how it’s like to be a trader on Wall Street. Or maybe you believe the sky is the limit, so going to see Big Apple from the Top Of The Rock would be a great option. One of the best places for jogging is The Hudson River route, for breakfast, it would be great to find some cool restaurant in Soho. Possibilities seem to know no limits.

But you just don’t know.

Saying in response: “explore something” is not enough. There’re hundreds of places, areas, events, lessons, and experiences.

All of those things are at your fingerprints. But you have to pull your hand out of your pocket to reach for them.

You have to have a goal, be sure where are you going. Otherwise, you’ll be driving around, from place to place knowing that none is really yours. You’ll take dozens of stops, not because you want to but because of other people. They’ll use your time and energy, so you’ll end up building their dreams.

Of course, you can spend some time in this yellow car, just to visit the neighborhood you’re not interested in and look around. But one day this trip will be over and, because you’re sitting in silence, the driver will have two options. First is to leave you in an exact same spot where you started. Second – leave you somewhere in a random place. The possibility is, you’re not gonna like it.

That’s why clarity is the key. You have to know both “why” and “what” you should be doing in your life.

A taxicab is going to take you from point “A”  to point “B” only if you know your destination. It’s just like life. Everyone has to figure out what is their purpose. Sounds cliché but just look around – how many people wake with the feeling of joy and fulfillment? This basic knowledge, added values put all the parts of life together and make every day worthy.

They say that in New York everything is possible. I would add – the Earth is a planet when impossible become possible. But this can happen in one condition. We all have to know, what we want and what is our personal reason to live on this spinning blue spot, in the middle of space.


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