I remember being the only person in the classroom that used pen as an imaginable drums instead of writing. Time spent on searching the right words was tiring. Usually, I couldn’t force myself to put thoughts on a paper until I found this one ideal sentence to start. And it’s only one of hundreds of examples when I was looking for perfection.

The problem is – perfection is impossible.

Simple because everyone has a different perspective on what perfection actually is. I took me some time to realize there’s no way to make every single person happy. But they say, it’s better late than never.

Still, it doesn’t mean you should be fine with weak results. But no matter how hard we try, after a while, we all look back knowing that now we would do something way better. It’s called “progress” and that’s what really matters.

Focus on progress, not on being perfect.

Think about all the updates for your iPhone or Android device and imagine that Bill Gates would wait for millennium to release Windows. His operating system, although impressively innovative and useful, still wasn’t pure perfection. And I bet that founder of Microsoft would do things differently.

I could go on and on with the whole list of similar stories. The point is to develop skills and improve yourself.

When I go for a jogging, I run until the training is finished, not until I feel tired. After step aerobics, I sometimes looked like I was swimming in a pool. Of course, at the end, I’m not the fastest runner or fitness expert. Still, this won’t stop me from being pretty proud of myself. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for keep trying.  Do your best to be the best and never stop.

If you don’t do your thing, somebody else will.

If you are a perfectionist and it doesn’t kill your productivity, you stick to the deadlines – that’s great! But if things are different, times goes by and you waited for so long to make something perfect that it’s already outdated, you just simply have to change it. Even though this won’t be easy.

At this second there’re at least dozens of people around the world who dream about the same things as you do.

They are not exactly the same, they have a different idea of what success is, different background, talent and possibilities but in the end, it won’t matter. Do you want to start a clothing business, write cooking book or get gold medal at the winter Olympics? Great, but so as others.

During that time when you’ll be looking for a perfection, they will slowly get results.

Perfectionism can be an excuse.

Let’s be honest. Some people may use it as for justify. Constant searching for ideal results helps to avoid all the obligations which may come later. With one accomplishment, there comes ten new tasks and responsibilities. If you want to start your own interior design company, you have to be prepared for much more work. You won’t finish the race with a few projects, your journey will just start.

Perfectionists postpone the execution of their tasks because something is not good enough. So, in the end, what they do to accomplish big dreams? Well, most of the times not much or nothing.

It’s always great to be ambitious. But sometimes it sucks to be a perfectionist.

Keeping high standards doesn’t equal being perfect and it’s okay. Do what you can but don’t spend too much time working on the things that most of the people won’t even catch. Your stress may not be worth it.

You may also notice that perfectionists are searching for a perfection mostly in their heads. The problem is that people, who refuse to accept anything over and over again, are more vulnerable to criticism. Everything would be all right if those harsh opinions weren’t a reason to quit.

Quitters, even those perfect ones, never win.

That’s why, before doing anything else, we should accept ourselves as we are. Perfectionism should be upgraded with confidence, hard work, and aspirations. This is how you do it.


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