I guess Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” currently playing through my headphones is surprisingly on point, considering what I’m going to write about. Which is dancing around, having fun and singing out loud “To the left, to the left” to all the things in your life that don’t meet your expectations.

Putting a big smile on your face, while throwing away all the unnecessary baggage instead of fixing it, is sometimes the best gift you can give yourself. And, which is great, you don’t have to wait for Christmas!

Think about your life like a carry-on baggage. Imagine you have to proper for the adventure of a lifetime. Taking all the things from your closet, kitchen and living room is not an option. As a passenger, you can bring on board only one piece of baggage with a few restrictions.

For extra charge all the airlines allow you to take few pounds more but there’s also limit for that, so maybe you should forget about gigantic donut pool float. If you have to pay the higher price it would be great to do this for something useful.

Anyway, better think twice before you pack your backpack. 

Sure, you can drag with you tons of useless things. No one can stop you from taking panda bear sandwich cutter instead of a toothbrush or raincoat.

I’m assuming you spend some time to create a list of vacation essentials. Then you double check all the most important things, like reservations or passport (after all you want to sit back and relax during flight, not be smuggled in a suitcase). You also try to take only useful items and keep luggage as light as possible.

Basically – you make sure that everything is buttoned up and you will be able to enjoy this experience.

Just think. If this (and more) is what responsible person would do before going on a trip, why some people won’t ever consider doing it in everyday life? Ultimately that time is our biggest adventure!

Life is too valuable to loss time and emotions on things that are simply not worthy. Don’t use your energy to drag this negative baggage.

Scrolling through the Internet you probably bumped into a picture of grandparents with short note their marriage lasted for over 60 years, because they used to fix broken things, not throw them away. Since the world is full of people who like to complain about the XXI century, it went viral. Although saying “getting rid of things or people is wrong” is a bad idea.

Not so long time ago people didn’t divorce so often, not only because they were taught to commit to each other, but were too afraid of what society gonna think. A woman wouldn’t leave her husband, although he was aggressive or disrespectful. For men things also weren’t easier, they also had to live in a marriage with no support or love.

For years people had to handle extreme disapproval once they decided to put their own happiness first.

We may think luckily times had changed. However reality shows, how far away we are from letting people decide on their lives without calling them picky.

Many women and men have to make an incredibly brave decision to fight for their rights. And the annoying thing is they are not only forced to deal with fear, shame, guilt but also criticism for “not trying” or being called choosy.

People tend to confuse the idea of letting go and giving up.

It doesn’t always mean someone’s lazy, unfocused and feels no responsibility towards obligations. May as well be completely opposite. I’m not the one who gives up easily, I have a lot of patience but I can’t let anyone keep letting me down.

Besides, stop trying anymore often requires a lot of courage and effort. It also means that you don’t let anyone and anything lower your expectations and settle for less.

Not everything is worth enough to be fixed.

I’m not saying every situation is the same. But if something is telling you to make changes and do something else in your life – something much bigger and greater, then listen to this voice. All of those unnecessary or even harmful things are taking place of those good ones which could come.

Do or find something that doesn’t have to be changed, fixed, upgraded to make you happy.

Looks like Beyoncé was right. Every bad thing in your life, not only can but should be replaced. A possibility is it will happen anyway, only later. If your baggage makes you sick and you really think about throwing it all away, don’t hesitate to do it. You wouldn’t feel any need to get rid of good stuff. And that’s the first step to stop being tired and start enjoying your journey.


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