For years and years, education is having a really tough time. Seasons changes and I can’t call any situation when people not only didn’t complain how bad it is but actually had a lot of nice things to say. Sometimes I can’t really blame them, school doesn’t teach too many practical things. However, this isn’t the whole truth. I have to be fair and defend the importance of education. 

Sure, during my twelve years “career” in elementary school, high school and few years at university, I’ve learned hundreds of unnecessary and even ridiculous things. Which sadly translates into hundreds of wasted hours. The fact I never will be able to get them back is so annoying but there’s nothing I can do with my past, only draw a positive conclusion. Saying that I’ll get straight to the point.

Education still can be a valuable lesson for you.

Yes, it would be much better, if instead of learning about the anatomy of nematodes, teachers would tell me more about financial management. I would rather listen to something more practical, learn French or do creative work.

Those years showed me, that I can’t always have what I want, not everyone’s fair, my life doesn’t depend on a stressful exam and I’m able to get through unpleasant moments.

From time to time it was like real live survivors.

Instead of building a leaf shelter, looking for coconuts and eliminating other players, I had to face danger coming from the evil German language class. I’ve learned to coexist in relative peace with not my favorites teachers and show my appreciation for those, who I truly admired. Sometimes I had to spend whole days studying, be sneaky, other times don’t give any efs and live with grade C even if it was crystal clear I deserved more.

For a long time, I also couldn’t understand, why we had to learn things like integrals. Now I know that those lessons, even though not much practical outside the classroom, were extremely important.

Math’s job is not only to teach us how to add or divide numbers but mostly improve our ability in finding solutions by doing more complicated, at first glance unnecessary tasks. So I regret not paying more attention when there was everyday occasion.

We should be definitely more grateful for having an access to knowledge and stop hating on education.

I bet you hear stuff like knowledge is more valuable than money and it’s not just some saying. Life is unpredictable, money come and go. And if you’ll find yourself in a situation when they’re gone, with the right knowledge you’ll find a way to get them back.

Who knows what will happen in the next ten on twenty years from now. It’s always better to know more, that’s why education shouldn’t end at the age of twenty-something.

All we had to do is just find people who care, have the right skills and want to share with us the most important information.

When I was a teenager, I just couldn’t wait for the graduation. I won’t say that I really hated all of those years spent in school, although there were some days when I felt nothing less than pure hate. It would be nice to have more satisfaction from my high school experience but today I wouldn’t be myself without it. Those good and not so good moments made a pretty happy person.

It’s good to question teaching methods but generalization and constant hating on education are really harmful.

One of my high school colleagues became a history teacher. Every time we met, he told the same stories about oppressive parents, who tried to force him to give their kids best grades. There’s a whole list of reasons behind this behavior. One is – they think they know it all and believe that school methods are totally useless. Therefore they do their kids homework or manipulate final scores. How can this be good and less ridiculous than learning about nematodes?

Too many people are negative and spend time thinking about all those things they don’t have. If only they could stop for a moment and appreciate those “casual” stuff, Earth would be a happier place.

Around the world, they are still around 260 million children and youth who can only dream about this obvious right to gain a basic knowledge.

Downgrading intellectual growth won’t make anything better. Being thankful for the opportunity would be much more appropriate.

Complaining is easy but it’s never a solution.

First, everyone should start by respecting education in general and focus on what’s good. If you think that most lessons are completely useless, redirect your energy and try to change those bad things.

Did you know that Elon Musk decided to open his own little school called “Ad Astra”, for his young five boys and other kids? He wasn’t happy with the school system that already exists, so he did this on his own terms.

No one has to be a billionaire to use voice in the right cause. Everyone should stop talking and start doing.


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