Once upon a time, in a land not so far away there was a little girl. Like many other kids, she didn’t know that something can be impossible. Even though there were no fairies, dragons or dwarfs, there was always this one beliefe that life can be magical even without them.

As the sun slowly set and the moon rose, she was lying under perfectly soft, powder pink sheet with small gold stars, which was a subtle reminder to reach for the sky.

Every night, she dreamed about a beautiful future, which she knew is waiting on her by the corner. Every time she closed her eyes, imagination knew no bounds. She could see herself winning swimming competitions, drawing the best piece of art and traveling to the moon.

One of her very first childhood dreams was to become a princess. Not because she might wear all those beautiful sparkling dresses. But she could swear, that with every move princess didn’t simply walk. They seemed to be flying a few inches above the floor. And the best part of being a princess was that they had those big, beautiful smiles on their faces.

She was too young to see different stories about princesses in a way as adults do. There were no deep, meaningful, hidden messages, tough challenges, and sadness.

Being princess simply meant being happy.

As she grew older, this dream about becoming a real princess fade away. But this most important dream to be happy grew up with her. Today this girl is not so little. In fact, now is sitting in front of a laptop to write this post. I’ve become a princess in a way I saw it – I’ve become quite a happy person.

Now I want to do as much as possible to stay happy, so I’ll say “Eff it, I want a prince”. Obviously, every princess needs to have the best company but I’m not talking only about guys.

Let me explain.

“I want a prince” represents my aspiration in life. It’s not about luxury, only trying my best to have something better.

I try to live by this rule every day. And this applies not only to relationships in general but actually for all the important aspects of my life.

The key is to take care of your environment.

It’s hard to smile when you’re constantly surrounded by negative people which create toxic situations. Sometimes, you just have to cut out them out of your life. Pessimistic, arrogant, self-absorbed, irresponsible person will only suck your good energy.

I never seek a love affair, but I knew if I will be in one, my man has to be clever, brave, kind, well-mannered and opened to new ideas. He doesn’t have to ride on a white horse but has to support my dreams and make me laugh. No exceptions.

I have no intention of wasting my time on someone whose hobby is to be rude and critical.

The same thing goes to career. Years ago, there were days when I truly hated my job. After a rough period it was time to say “I don’t give an eff, I want something better”. Going on my own wasn’t easy and still isn’t. However, the decision to be own boss is the only way I can do what I’m passionate about.

Our precious lives need the best companion.

Word “prince” can have a different meaning for different people and it’s great. Yet the message behind it is pretty the same, I would say – having only those things, which brings you joy. Searching for a “prince” is also the way to say “no” to the things you’re not that into.

Don’t be too afraid or insecure to say “I want a prince, I want to be happy”.

Some people may be satisfied or pretend to be okay with what they have but it doesn’t mean you should also. A relationship is only one of many examples when you shouldn’t expect less than you deserve.

Be proud of yourself and remember, sometimes you have to give up on bad or average to be able to do something great. Don’t you ever feel sorry for keeping your standards high and respecting yourself.

Being a true fairy tale princess may be not possible. But being happy is.


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