We all have some bad days when lack of concentration, bad habits, and wrong organization hit productivity badly. It’s easy to get lost in dozens of distractions, problems, tasks, responsibilities and lose the ability to focus on what really matters. 

Sometimes distractions are singing “we will rock you” but we can’t sing along. Word “create seems to be strange and unknown, almost like some sort of fairy-tale, magical power.

Unfortunately, from time to time the only answer to the question “where I can find creativity” is “no idea, mine is playing hide-and-seek”. And at the very moment, when for a second you think you found it, whole game upgrades to capture the flag.

Saying I don’t like days like that is a real understatement. No one and nothing is perfectly organized so it’s hard to expect that everything will always go smoothly but still it can get you down. No matter what, you could go with one of three options to approach this problem:

  1. Accept things the way they are and do nothing about it.
  2. Don’t accept it and fight for perfection.
  3. Understand why those days are coming in the first place.

I guess the smartest option is to choose the last one. It’s hard to change if you don’t know “why?” – why you should or shouldn’t do something, why is it happening, why does it matter? Sometimes the best thing you can do is back to basics.

One of the most important things is simply to stop thinking about crap.

There were times when the only obstacle in my way was… me. I had to admit that I couldn’t focus because my thoughts were centered on things which, doesn’t have much worth, at least at this moment. For example, I was planning to visit my friend. I also found out that Ed Sheran will give a concert next month, so in my mind, I was already standing under the stage.

No wonder there was no more room for creative thinking. Like it or not, our minds have limited space. Unfortunately every minute we decide to focus on something useless means we decide not to focus on the main goal.

We have to work on concentration and keep creating good habits. Fortunately, it’s all fixable.

First – take a moment with yourself and be honest.

Grab a cup of coffee or green tea, go for a walk or do anything else that helps you calm down and be alone with your thoughts.

People can easily lie to themselves and others about how hard their work. Throwing a pity party is easy, but although it’s easy it’s also mdangrous. If you’ll tell your friends you couldn’t finish your project on time because you don’t get enough sleep or so, they won’t motivate you, they’ll feel sorry for you. And as far I’m concerned, this kind of sympathy won’t turn your goals into reality.

Start by analyzing how your days go, what are you doing and what are you thinking about.

Most of the time, it appears that tiredness comes not from actual effort, but from spending hours and hours at social media, cleaning and doing dozens of things not related to work. You have to step back and tell the truth. Not just to others. First and foremost – to yourself.

Second – rearrange your environment.

If you wanna accomplish something, you have to surround yourself with things associated with your goal.

If you want to be fit, you should be around those, who exercise and eat healthy. It’s also better to listen to motivational workout music than people who say “oh, you already look fine, let’s eat some pizza”. Find some nice active wear, comfortable training shoes, so you’ll feel good and perform at your best. You can’t just watch baking channels, think what kind of cake you’re going to eat for a dessert and complain that you can’t lose weight.

It’s not like you can’t. Only you don’t want to. Know the difference.

Because I really wanted to get back on track I had to do exactly same thing. I switched my playlist from slow, chill out rnb to some upbeat, positive vibes. Stop scrolling through booking.com and stuff like that was also a pretty good idea, just as getting back to my morning meditation routine.

The good and at the same time bad thing about chasing creativity is – I basically spent time playing against myself. I can’t blame anybody else. But also I don’t have to wait until somebody else will rescue me. They say “with freedom comes responsibility” but for me responsibility gives freedom.

Poor time management doesn’t come from the weather, political climate or bad hair day. It’s the consequence of letting all those things to take your mind.

Now my creativity sits still right next to me, but only because I tied it up to my chair. Amazing life, with amazing ideas and dreams coming true doesn’t just miraculously fall from the sky.

You have to climb every rung of a ladder, step by step and then take it by yourself.

There will be hundreds of times when you’ll be so tired of playing hide-and-seek for the umpteenth time but it will be worth it. You just have to roll up your sleeves. Cause there will be no one who’s gonna come and do this for you.


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